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Join Ian Somerhalder, one of Hollywood’s hottest actors and ardent animal lovers, as he leads the paw-rade through the charming streets of his hometown, Covington, Louisiana. Mardi Paws MOVES to Covington March 1.
MedVet's Meeting of the Court
All Hail the Queen & King of Mardi Paws XXVI👑👏! The Royal Hairs met recently at MedVet’s Meeting of the Canine Court and it was replete with drama as expected! Her Royal Highness Queen “Stella Bleu” Troncoso, and her court sponsor Camp Bow Wow Covington's owner insisted they stop by Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry to shop for jewels before her presentation. Grand Duke D’s dad, Chad Berg, was more than happy to accommodate and decked the Queen out in nearly $150K of diamonds and pearls. Luckily with her tongue taking up half of her mouth, she couldn’t swallow them! The girls spent the morning sipping Tito's Handmade Vodka CosMUTTpolitans and posing for the camera of court photographer Bach Imagery for their debut in longtime supporter Lori Murphy's Inside Northside Magazine.     His Royal Highness King "Kizmet" Bretey on the other hand put in a half day of work at his sponsor's place of business MedVet Mandeville until it was time for the presentation of his court. Everyone was wearing antique medallions from Norman Faucheux: Sacred and Religious Art, except for the Grand Duke who insisted wearing his Dad’s jewelry! All the pomp and circumstance was just in jest, with the real "jewel" being the benefit to the Mardi Paws charities helping Kids and K9s! A round of applause👏 to our supporters and sponsors of the court who made this beautiful day🌞 possible!
HRH Queen Stella Bleu, Mardi Paws XXVI
The Queen’s court was presented and included:
Lady in Waiting “Pepper Coyotl DeVille”
Maids “Sachi and Ti” Schoen-White
Duchess “Chewy” Growden
Duchess “GiGi” Murphy and her attendant “Roux” Murphy
Scepter bearer “Eloise Ann” Bohm

Most of our Royal Hairs have parents that Sponsor our PAW-rade with a Purpose, but we also try and include pups that have something special!

If your pooch poops GOLD or is so special they can't be ignored, shoot us an E-MAIL and we'll be in touch!