2019 Parade Info: 25th annual Mardi Paws Parade rolls Sun. March 10th at 2 pm!
    Planning to walk with your dog?      Here's all the "poop" you need to know...
Driving Directions:

Best access for registration and parade line-up:
Take Jackson Avenue South off of Hwy 190 (Florida Street).
If you're coming from the east (Slidell), you'll take a left onto Jackson.
If you're coming from the west, you'll take a right onto Jackson (4 streets after the traffic light at Girod Street).
Go down Jackson Avenue almost one mile south toward the lake and park near harbor area where registration occurs.
GPS address: Pontchartrain Yacht Club – 140 Jackson Ave, Mandeville, LA 70448

Best access for parade viewing:    NEW!!!
BEST PARADE VIEWING is between Marigny and Foy Streets.
It is always very crowded near the end (near GIROD ST) and the beginning (near JACKSON AVE)
Take a good look at the map, and you'll see the main access roads coming to the lake are... GIROD, MARIGNY, JACKSON
Even better, come off MONROE ST. west of Girod and it may be easier to park!

How to get to Old Mandeville:

From the Southshore-
1. Take Causeway Bridge North to Mandeville.
2. Stay in right lane when coming off the bridge, and continue in right lane heading onto the East Causeway Approach. Do not go up onto overpass, heading North!
3. Once you're on East Causeway Approach, take a right at the first traffic light (Monroe Street).
4. Go east on Monroe Street until you reach West Beach Pkwy, Lafitte Street or the next street, Girod, and take any street right.
You will be a few blocks away from the lakefront and Lakeshore Drive.

From Slidell or Hammond-
1. Take 1-12 east or west to the LA 59 exit, Exit Number 65.
2. Go approx 2.9 miles south on LA 59, where it becomes LA 59/Girod Street.
3. Continue South on Girod Street approx one mile and you will reach the Lakefront.
Frequently Asked Questions...

Watering Stations for Dogs:
If you're walking with your dog in the parade, there are watering stations at the beginning,
along the route (inside barricades) and near the end of the parade. They are marked by tinseled signs!
We highly recommend that you bring a couple bottles of H20 just in case.

Reviewing Stand (NEW LOCATION) & Post-Parade Extravaganza! 
Located near intersection of Lamarque St and Lakeshore Drive.

Port-a-lets: at beginning (Jackson & Foy Ave.) mid-way (East of Marigny), end of route (around Girod St.)

Police/Emergency Services: at street intersections
The Mandeville Police will be located along the parade route and easily found at street intersections.

Emergency Veterinary Services: Girod St / Lakeshore Dr.
MEDVET Medical & Cancer Center For Pets, A 24-hr Specialty & Emergency Hospital will be at their Sponsor Booth

Mardi Paws is unique in that the non-profits actually have to secure a special event permit from the City of Mandeville which allows them control and responsibility of the Mandeville Lakefront during the event. It is a private fundraising event. Photographers are welcome to shoot the parade but only for their own personal use. Mardi Paws has event photographers (Official shirts with STAFF) that are responsible for the event and provide at no charge photos for everyone to use and share!

Vendors wanting to come out and sell goods, or people bringing dogs out for adoption or sale? Both are prohibited!
Mardi Paws is unique in that the non-profits actually have to secure a special event permit from the City of Mandeville which allows them control and responsibility of the Mandeville Lakefront during the event. It is a private fundraising event. If you wish to pay a fee and become an "Official Vendor" you must contact us before the parade. The police are provided a list of authorized vendors and others will be asked to leave the lakefront. It is against the City of Mandeville's policy for people to bring out dogs for sale and adoption at the event.

  ©MARDI PAWS is a registered trademark and may not be used without permission.

Join us in helping Kids & K-9’s, and become a Krewe Member this year!

This year’s theme is SUPER PAWS and the krewe will be celebrating
all things Comic Book Culture!


$25 donation for each participating Dog. Each dog is allowed up to 6 Human escorts. (Addtl. Escorts $10 per person)
Cash, Checks, Credit Cards accepted on-line.


Escorts ARE NOT ALLOWED to throw Promotional Items for their Business, or advertise their business on floats, unless they are a sponsor of the parade. Walker/throw Sponsorships are $250.  Please remember this is a charity fundraiser put on by volunteers trying to make a difference in their community!

Absolutely NO golf carts, rollerblading, bicycles, or motorized floats of any kind are allowed! (they not only spook the dogs but have caused injury to other participants, both people and dogs)



12:30 - 2 pm  Same-day Registration Begins at the Mandeville Harbor (Jackson ave/Lakeshore Dr)
Pre-Registered Dogs save time in line by picking up your packet that day!

2:00 pm  Parade Rolls on Lakeshore Drive for entire route (6/10 mile) to Parade End just past Girod Street.

What to expect… If you arrive at the beginning of registration, around 12:30pm, you will have to wait in line until the parade starts to roll at 2pm.

If you arrive at registration nearer to 2pm, you will still have about an hour and a half wait to start parading because of the people in front of you.

The Bottom Line.... whenever you show up, please be prepared for at least an hour or two wait time- we suggest bringing some snacks, drinks, music, etc. They have a wonderful park inside of the line-up area, you can bring lawn chairs, coolers, tents, etc. They will be safe until you return to that area.

Be prepared with throws! Each year the number of parade watchers grows by leaps and bounds - please consider an extra cart for throws.

  • Animals must be in costume or decorated in some way to participate.
  • Animals must be current on their vaccinations. You do not need to bring proof of vaccinations but by signing waiver on the registration form you are acknowledging that the animal/s are up to date on all shots.
  • Animals must not have vicious tendencies or need to be muzzled (remember this is a family event involving lots of children running around)
  • Animals must be on a leash and must not be "in season."
  • Escorts are encouraged to join in the theme with costumes and floats. Floats can be made out of wagons, yard carts, baby strollers, shopping carts, etc.
  • Escorts are encouraged to carry Music on Board!
  • Escorts are strongly encouraged to have plenty of throws.
  • Escorts are deemed "Official Pooper Scoopers" (there will be plenty of bags available at registration and disposal locations for your animal's droppings)
  • There are quite a few water stations for your animal along the route - look for the tinseled signs - but we encourage you to bring along some extra bottles of H2O for your dog on your float!
  • No displays of political, controversial or religious ideals are allowed.
  • To be considered for the Costume Contest, krewe members must costume with regards to the theme..SUPER PAWS, celebrating all things comic book culture!


The parade rolls promptly at 2pm from Jackson Avenue (by the harbor) westward on Lakeshore Drive, it remains on the street about 25 yards past Girod Street.

The route is barricaded (with some gaps) helping to alleviate congestion! Route is about 6/10 mile & takes about 45 mins to walk.        Scroll down the page for viewing and parking suggestions!     


Intersection of Jackson Avenue and Lakeshore Drive

Scroll down page for viewing and parking suggestions!
Excited about Mardi Paws, but DREAD THE PARKING?  Please consider UBER, LYFT or CARPOOLING IT!

Old Mandeville is the perfect backdrop for our Super Krewe for K-9’s, but the bottom line is Parking is limited because it’s a neighborhood and difficult because they have to keep certain streets open for emergency services.

The Map above shows the "less than a mile" route of the parade starting at Jackson Avenue and ending after Girod Street. We've highlighted the main streets coming down from Monroe and Florida (Hwy 190)

Generally, the most overlooked area is near the beginning of the route from Foy to Lamarque Street.
The Reviewing Stand is at Lamarque.