2014 Costume Contest


1. No group is too large or too small to participate - but you must be a  "paid" parade participant.

2. Everyone who wants to participate in the costume contest MUST BE RESPONSIBLE FOR STOPPING AT THE PARADE STARTING LINE TO HAVE THEIR PHOTO TAKEN. This area will have a volunteer present and will be clearly marked - basically, it's at the official start of the parade!
We only mention this because we want to make sure you are aware your photo needs to be snapped as sometimes a photographer may overlook someone. You will not be asked to purchase any photos - but we are just using this as part of  the judging procedure!

3. Your race number must be clearly visible at all points in the parade to be considered.

4. The first phase of judging will take place at the Reviewing Stand by the judges. If the distance to the Reviewing Stand is too far for you or your dog, don't worry, everyone's photograph will be reviewed and judged at a later date also.

5. WINNERS WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED AT THE PARADE! You do not need to stay around, or make it to the parade's end to win. All winners will be notified no later than one week after the parade, and their names/numbers will be posted on-line also.

6. Pick up your prizes at our Post-parade Pawty .
Party details TBA but it's usually a couple of weeks after the parade. Winners do not have to attend our Post-parade party to receive their prize, but it would be preferable.

7. Have a Heart thru Art & Scott's Wish volunteers are excluded from the contest.

8. We have a professional panel of 10-12 judges headed up by Master of Ceremonies Alan & Becky Avdoyan,  Karla Partridge, & Eileen Lamberston!
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     Lee Myers McKenzie  &                       Denise Dauterive                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Judges Alan & Becky Avdoyan, Ann Ellis, Eileen Lambertson
Emcees Randi Russo and  Skarlett Roa alongside  
Miss Mardi & Miss Paws (Brooke & Madison Hogan)

Congrats to THE 2016 WINNERS .....

TOP TEN BEST IN SHOW winning the coveted Big “Poop” Trophy
(listed in race number order, not overall finish):
#1 Romeo & Juliet 
#5 Jolie's Love is in the Hair! 
#15 The Frog & the Princess
#30 Fifty Years of Love
#31 Forrest Gump Loves Jenny
#37 The Bachelorette 
#47 Love is in the HAIR Band
#59 Roger Rabbit in Love
#144 Pillow Talk with Bark Hudson & Doris Digs
#151 The Love Shack

TOP TEN RUNNER-UPS winning the almost-as-coveted Mini “Poop” Trophy
#26 The Jetson's
#33 Paris
#57 The Love Machine
#66 Princess & Frog 
#112 Doggie Drive-In
#117 The Titanic
#126 Lookin' Fur Love
#127 The King of Hearts
#129 Famous Pugs & Kisses
#165 Cupid's Love Machine

This year the Judges want to hand out some "Awards of Merit “
Glittered Poops” to some very creative entries – not always fitting the theme –
but contestants who truly caught the Judges eyes!

AWARDS OF MERIT receiving the “Glittered Poop” are:
# 8 Best Wedding Party & Oldest Flower Girl 
#10 Best Cupid 
#16/223 The Best Use of Paper Mache & Cutest Alligator Group! 
#18 Best Lion King Group
#19 Best Lion Pride
#38 Best Horse-drawn Lion King Float
#41 Best Dressed Bear 
#50 Best Mermaids 
#52 Best LSU Group 
#62 Best Mardi Gras Group
# 63 Best Saints Group 
#80 Best Couple Cameo 
#87 Best Candy Shop
#94 Prettiest in Pink 
#95 Titanic Group Runner-up 
#100 Best Mickey & Minnie 
#103 Best Jungle Love Group
#110 Best Tarzan & Jane
#111 Best M.A.S.H. Unit 
#118/125 Best Hippie Love Group 
#122 Best Super Hero Group
#134 Best Love & Hearts Group
#137 Best Sharknado Group
#142 Best Queen of Hearts
#146 Best Ladybug
#182 Best Grease Group

     About the Costume Contest...

Do you have what it takes to bring home the
coveted Poop" Trophy for your mantle this year?

Contestants are judged on how well
their costuming/float fits the theme.
The 2017 theme is: Under the BIG TOP
and krewe members will be showcasing
circus related performers.

The Top Ten "BEST IN SHOW"
Winners truest to this year's theme, 
will take home their one-of-a-kind
coveted "Poop" trophy along with
a PooPourri Parade Pack!

Ten "BEST IN SHOW" Runner-Ups
The Ten Best in Show Runner-Ups will be
awarded the almost as coveted,
"Mini Poop" Trophy along with a
PooPourri Lil' Pooper Prize Pack!

Judge Karla Patridge
A little about how the judging works....

We have ten to twelve judges weigh in after the parade after they have reviewed all the costume contest parade photos posted on-line.

We slot every judge’s top 20 choices (parade numbers) into a grid and winners are chosen based on the number of points each contestant/s are given overall. We wanted to take a moment and let you know some of the criteria they use in making their selections. Most importantly is how well the contestant’s costuming/float fits the theme “Mardi Paws 2017: Under The Big Top!”

In addition, they are looking for creativity when it comes to selecting an idea. One thing that can hurt an entrant is if there are too many similar ideas. Often you won’t stand out when there are so many to choose from and costumes and floats start looking alike or having the same appeal.  It doesn't matter if you enter as one person and one dog, or ten people and ten dogs; they are looking for that special combination of uniqueness and creativity when selecting the winners. If things are close, they often go back to the originality and detail of the costumes/floats.
Sought-after "poop" trophies!

We are excited local artist
Fernanda Cristiani
will be lending her talents
to the trophies this year!
She attended the Fine Arts Academy in Turin Italy before getting her Masters in Art from UNO. She has been a
Talented Art Teacher at Mandeville High since 2000.
Special Thanks to

Poo-Pourri for their
PAWSome Sponsorship!

Look for the Poop Patrol
out at the Parade - they'll have lot's of great throws and prizes!

      Best in Show Winners                                                                        Best in Show Runner-Ups
     will receive their famous                                                                        will receive their popular
            "Potty Box"!                                                                                Gone Flushin' Combo!
Enter your dog in our
Facebook "Wag n' Brag" Contest
for a free ride in the parade!

PooPourri will pick 4 special dogs for their very own "Poo Krewe"!
Your dog could be chosen
King of the Throne (favorite male), Queen of the Throne (favorite female), a Royal Pooper (favorite large breed) or a Little Stinker (favorite small breed).