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One-of-a-kind FUN trophies!

A Big PAWS UP to Fernanda Cristiani who lends her talents each year to the krewe for this important undertaking - creating our "poop" trophies!  Having attended the Fine Arts Academy in Turin Italy before getting her Masters in Art from UNO, she's taught talented art at Mandeville High School since 2000 and this commission is certainly one of her more challenging ones - lol!​​​​

Do you have what it takes to bring home the coveted "poop" trophy this year?

​Our Costume Contest is FREE TO ENTER, but you and your pup must be costuming around the 2020 theme to be eligible to win the coveted "poop" trophy along with lots of other PAW-some prizes! ComPAWtition is friendly but fierce, so get your saws buzzing!

The Top Ten "BEST IN SHOW" winners truest to the theme bring home the "Big Poop" Trophy and a PAW-some Prize Pack with gifts from many of our sponsors. 

The Ten "Best in Show" RUNNER-UPS bring home the almost-as-coveted "Mini Poop" Trophy and a PAW-some Prize Pack!​​​

WANT TO WIN? COSTUME to fit the theme!

The theme of the 2020 parade is Beyond All Boundaries: Exploring Sea, Air & Space...​​​​​
Celebrating the limitless exploration both above and below. ​​
Is your pooch more of a Sub-WOOFER or PUG-marine? Or does your Pup prefer air travel in planes, blimps or hot-air balloons? Outer space bound to the Moon or Mars? We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! 

Need to recycle costumes, Saints or LSU Fan all THE way? No Problem, ANY costumes are welcome!​


2020 Costume Contest Rules

1. No group is too large or too small to participate - but you must be a "paid" parade participant.

2. Everyone who wants to participate in the costume contest MUST BE RESPONSIBLE FOR STOPPING AT THE PARADE STARTING LINE TO HAVE THEIR PHOTO TAKEN. This area will have a volunteer present and will be clearly marked. We want to make sure you are aware your photo needs to be snapped, as sometimes a photographer may overlook someone. We use photos post-parade as part of the judging procedure!

3. Your Race Number must be clearly visible at all points in the parade to be considered.

4. The first phase of judging will take place at the Reviewing Stand by the judges. But don't worry, everyone's photograph will be reviewed and judged later also. If you don't see your photos on Facebook when the Costume Contest Participants are posted, please send us a photo of your group to be included!
5. WINNERS ARE NOT BE ANNOUNCED AT THE PARADE! You do not need to stay around or make it to the parade's end to win. All winners will be notified no later than one week after the parade, and their names/numbers will be posted on-line also.

6. Pick up your trophy and prizes at our Post-parade PAWTY usually held the second Saturday after the parade! Everyone is welcome, and location details will be announced nearer the parade. Winners do not have to attend our Post-parade party to receive their prize, but it is preferable.

7. Ian Somerhalder Foundation & Scott's Wish volunteers are excluded from the contest.

8. We have a professional panel of 10-12 celebrity judges who will be weighing in on the contestants!

Ruth BARK-er Ginsburg weighs in on the judging
We have ten to twelve judges that weigh in after the parade after they have reviewed all the costume contest parade photos posted on-line.

We slot every judge’s top 20 choices (parade numbers) into a grid and winners are chosen based on the number of points each contestant/s are given overall.

We wanted to take a moment and let you know some of the criteria they use in making their selections. Most importantly is how well the contestant’s costuming/float fits the theme.

In addition, they are looking for creativity when it comes to selecting an idea. One thing that can hurt an entrant is if there are too many similar ideas. Often you won’t stand out when there are so many to choose from and costumes and floats start looking alike or having the same appeal. 

It doesn't matter if you enter as one person and one dog, or ten people and ten dogs; they are looking for that special combination of uniqueness and creativity when selecting the winners. If things are close, they often go back to the originality and detail of the costumes and floats.
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