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Congratulations to the King and his Court!
             His Royal Highness Buck Henry               Grand Duke Tukyr Spotswood                       Duke Wrigley Ingrish                           Scepter Bearer Buddy Horner
                  King Mardi Paws XXIV

Congratulations to the Queen and her Court! 
                         Her Royal Highness London Richard   Lady in Waiting Nellye Ingrish            Maid Sydney Richard              Attendant Stewie DeMarco & sisters
                             Queen Mardi Paws XXIV 

2018 Monarchs, Marshals, Mascots & Royal Hairs
Sabrina Gennarino - 2018 Celebrity Monarch
Sabrina Gennarino is an avid animal lover and advocate. She and her husband, Pieter Gaspersz, rescued and placed hundreds of dogs in both
New York City and Los Angeles before moving
to New Orleans. Sabrina makes her living as an actress and producer, currently playing, "Tamiel" on AMC's, "The Walking Dead", and recurring 
on TNT's breakout hit, "Claws".
Ava Gastion - 2018 Parade Grand Marshal
Ava is a 6-year-old kindergartner from Madisonville, Louisiana, and she has her own unique, unfiltered, vivacious personality. She draws people in with her imagination and creativity. She loves playing with her Littlest Pet Shop animals, and she’s a talented little artist
who loves drawing and storytelling.
She adores unicorns!
Ava, along with two of her three sisters and their father, has an inherited rare genetic
disorder, neurofibromatosis, which causes tumors (both benign and malignant) to form in the brain, spinal cord and nerves.
Ava is currently under the care of a great
team of specialists at Texas Children's,
Baylor College of Medicine, and Ochsner for Children. Neurofibromatosis is a rare genetic disorder and absolutely needs more awareness, as it can be such a degenerative and potentially life-threatening disease.

K-9 Echo, STPSO
2018 Canine Grand Marshal
St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Department’s new dog, Echo, is trained in illegal narcotic detection.
Echo is a 2-year-old lab from
south Texas who’s assigned to the
Highway Enforcement Unit with her
handler, Deputy James Kelley, where
they concentrate on traffic enforcement
and interdicting traveling criminals
primarily on the interstate systems in
St. Tammany Parish.
When she’s not working enforcement
on the highways with Deputy Kelley,
Echo loves playing with her favorite
rubber ball on a rope, getting love from
her new mom (Deputy Kelley's fiancée, Lauren) and sleeping on her back.

Fun fact: Echo is bilingual.
The Oui Dats ...

A power house marching club embracing all types of women!!

Based in New Orleans, the organization was established to promote camaraderie and fellowship among members and to perform charitable, philanthropic, and community-service activities in order to improve the quality of life in our community. 

They strive to preserve and promote Mardi Gras traditions and heritage and to help raise money for local charities.

A big thanks to these awesome ladies for joining us at Mardi Paws this year!!
The Mande Milkshakers will be "serving up shakes" at the tail end of the Mardi Paws parade ensuring your parade experience will be good to the last drop!

The Mande Milkshakers aim to promote physical and emotional fitness by bringing women together, staying active, encouraging camaraderie, embracing our shapes and having fun!

The Mande Milkshakers have partnered with The Miracle League Northshore to support the facilitation of organized sports for disabled children - We can't wait to see these gals at the parade!
2018  Celebrity Monarchs
Kerry Cahill - 2018 Celebrity Monarch
Actress Kerry Cahill is a local New Orleans actress who has been seen in Free State of Jones and Mudbound, and she currently plays Dianne on The Walking Dead. An ardent animal lover, she’s also the national spokesperson for AMVETS and was last seen on stage for SouthernRep theater in Grounded, for which she won the Big Easy Best Actress Award.
2018  Parade Grand Marshal
2018  Canine  Grand Marshal