MedVet's Meeting of the Court was quite the circus!  Ringmaster Benji, the rescue pot-belly pig, tried unsuccessfully to maintain the decorum when the goats from Angel's Grove Rescue Ranch arrived. All eyes were on the King & Queen as they primped and posed for their subjects. His Royal Highness Rocky of Camp Bow Wow fame sniffed and greeted his Queen, Her Royal Highness Snap, a long-time employee at MedVet. A big thanks to Josh Brown (Bayou Josh Photography) for these stunning shots; to Christy (Charming City Events) for getting all our circus props and costumes together; to Amy Willcutt with MedVet who was a tremendous help; to Bak Rizaev, another parade photographer who lent a helping hand; and lastly to our wonderful Royal Hairs and their families.

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HRH  Rocky Dalton, King Mardi Paws 2017 is a 5 yr old Bernese Mountain Dog. He'll be sitting in attendance at the reviewing stands waiting for his queen to arrive with his Mom, Scarlett, and his Dad, Jason, and the rest of the Camp Bow Wow staff. 
Grand Duke Oliver Webb is an 11 yr old Golden Doodle who will be escorted by Mom Sally Webb.
Duke Owen Combs is a 2 yr old Labrador Retriever who will be escorted by his family, Brent, Megan, Henley and Harper Combs.
Scepter Bearer to his Majesty Gus True Bleaux Clay is a 3 yr old Great Dane who will be escorted by Mom Angie & Dad Eric Clay and best buddy Seth.
read their complete bios below....
Congratulations to the King and his Court!
            HRH  Rocky, King Mardi Paws                                  Grand Duke Oliver                                                Duke Owen                                               Scepter Bearer Gus
Congratulations to the Queen and her Court!
       HRH Snap, Queen Mardi Paws             Lady in Waiting Lexie                                            Maid Jazzy                                                             Scepter Bearer Sassy
HRH Queen Snap Spotswood is a 6 yr old Australian Shepherd who will be escorted by Mom Shelly Spotswood and her MedVet Krewe!
Lady in Waiting Lexie Burris is an 8 yr old Boxer who will be escorted by Ashley, Brayden, Bailey, Bob, and Deborah Burris + Maureen & Mike LeCorgne.
Maid Jazzy Delgado is a 6 yr old Chiweenie who will be escorted by siblings Aria and Lil Roger Delgado.
Scepter Bearer to Her Majesty Sassy Garland is a 4 yr old Cocker Spaniel who will be escorted by her brother Gabriel Garland.
read their complete bios below....

2017 Royal Hairs
                       Benji the Recued Pig!                                                          Lest we forget the fabulous rescued goats - Ike and Girby!

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser
2017 Celebrity Grand Marshal
The Lt. Governor and his wife Cher are ardent animal lovers and share their
home with four dogs,
Lil Bit, Onyx, Bullet & Toby.
Emily Grace Peters
2017 Parade Grand Marshal
Emily was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
when she was 3 years old. A patient at Ochsner for Children,
she has been cancer free for 2 years now!  Emily has 2 older brothers, Andrew and Tyler, and about 40 chickens.
She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up,
because she loves all animals!
Benji, who served as Ringmaster for our Dog and Circus Show, is a pot-bellied pig given to
Angel's Grove Rescue Ranch when his owner could no longer take care of him. Benji loves to eat, but loves attention just as muchl! Angel's Grove is a non-profit 501c3 rescue ranch nestled in the heart of Bush, Louisiana. You'll find horses, pigs, goats, donkeys, peacocks, rabbits, ducks, dogs, cats, and birds all enjoying a peaceful life on the ranch! For the past 7 years they've been rescuing abused and neglected horses and training them. They work diligently to create inspiring educational programs while maintaining the standards of health and safety of all children and horses. They need help feeding the animals, maintaining the property, covering veterianarian bills and program expenses. To raise funds they offer the following services:
Call them and inquire about their Holiday & Summer Camps - Birthday Parties - Riding Lessons
and Give a horse a second chance and a Child a new beginning.

                  Phone(985) 789-3148 

Keeping with the 2017 Circus Theme, Mardi Paws is excited to announce that
Gail Mirabella and her Dynamo Dogs will be leading the parade!
Follow them to the Post-parade Extravaganza Area to see their full performance!

For the past 15 years Gail has been very active in canine sports both in training and in entertainment.  She’s performed with the Purina Incredible Dog Team, K-9’s in Flight, and Animal Planet’s Expos, honing her act while touring fairs and festivals nationwide. Now part of the Elite Purina ProPlan Performance Team, her dogs were featured in the one-ring Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus in the past. They've appeared on Late Night with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning America, the Today Show, along with many others. Gail presents a high energy, fast paced, exciting act featuring agility and disc dog skills. She brings out the best in her dogs thanks to the genuine bond and affection shared with them.  Gail’s passion for the dogs is displayed as they perform as a team throughout each routine. Gail’s knowledge of dogs goes beyond training them for canine sports and performing.  She holds a B.S. degree in Animal Science and previously held the position of Veterinary Technician for 7 years.           And now for the great part…Many of The Dynamo Dogs have been rescued or adopted!

K-9 Freya, STPSO
2017 Canine Grand Marshal
Local heroine K-9 Freya, a Bavarian Mountain Hound, and her handler, Deputy Ron Olivier, were recently called to search for a 14yr old child with autism who had gone missing. K-9 Freya, who specializes in finding lost children, took the scent from the missing child’s clothes, started searching and in about 20 mins. found the missing child, curled up, hiding in the woods.

The Oui Dats ...

A power house marching club embracing all types of women!!

Based in New Orleans, the organization was established to promote camaraderie and fellowship among members and to perform charitable, philanthropic, and community-service activities in order to improve the quality of life in our community. 

They strive to preserve and promote Mardi Gras traditions and heritage and to help raise money for local charities.

A big thanks to these awesome ladies for joining us at Mardi Paws this year!!
The Mande Milkshakers will be "serving up shakes" at the tail end of the Mardi Paws parade ensuring your parade experience will be good to the last drop!

The Mande Milkshakers aim to promote physical and emotional fitness by bringing women together, staying active, encouraging camaraderie, embracing our shapes and having fun!

The Mande Milkshakers have partnered with The Miracle League Northshore to support the facilitation of organized sports for disabled children - We can't wait to see these gals at the parade!