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2011 Canine Report
Celebrity Grand Marshals -
Don Dubuc & Gracie

Don Dubuc, The Outdoors Guy, and his dog Gracie, a 4yr old German shorthaired pointer, will reign as this year's Celebrity Grand Marshals. 

The krewe couldn't find a better fit for their 2011 theme, Diggin' Louisiana! An outdoorsman, conservationist, columnist, broadcaster and journalist, Don has spent decades fishing and hunting the woods, swamps, marshes and bayous of Louisiana. 

He can be heard on The Outdoors Show with Don Dubuc on the Big 870 WWLAM and WWL 105.3FM and ESPN1350AM. His TV show airs on WGNO ABC 26. 
left to right:
King HRH Gunner Mitchell is a 10 yr old miniature Dachshund escorted by Bob and Claire Mitchell. Gunner lives in Slidell LA and enjoys listening to his Dad, The Real Robert Mitchell, weekday evenings on WWL News, Talk, and Sports Radio- 870AM and 105.3FM. 

Grand Duke Zeus Melius is 12 yr old Golden Retriever mix from the LA/SPCA escorted by his parents Dr. Brian and Jennifer Melius. Spotted by his mom at a pet adoption she was hosting, Zeus, AKA The Professor, goes to work daily at Heaven’s Pets Cremation & Bereavement Center (At Lake Lawn Metairie) where he is a grief counselor.  He has warmed the hearts & brought smiles to the faces of hundreds of HP clients. When not at work, Zeus has a big yard to play in with his brother, Wilson and sister, Daisy and has a keen eye for squirrels & raccoons!
Page Pete Roberto Bohm is a black and tan Chihuahua from Sorrento, LA. Born on April 29, 2010, he is still very mischievous pup. He will be escorted by his sisters Emily and Hillary Bohm. He comes from a Royal pedigree since his cousin Lucille reigned as Queen of Mardi Paws 2006. His favorite activities are fetching his ball, chewing his Gummabone, and chasing bugs. He is small but tough! Pete lives with Lucille, 2 Jack Russell terriers, a Siamese cat, 2 birds, and 2 rats. 
Duke Linus Lewis is an 11 month old Pug who resides in Kenner, Louisiana.  Linus will be escorted by his parents, Tiffany and Fred Lewis along with his 8 year old human brother & best friend, Logan.  Linus loves having play dates with his Chihuahua cousins, Phoebe and Zack. His favorite treats are bully sticks from Zorro’s, and table scraps - not food from the table, the table itself!   Linus’ family has paw-ticipated in Mardi Paws for the past 4 years without a dog of their own, so they are very excited to parade with Linus this year.
left to right:
Queen HRH Queen Kiki Monie is a 9 yr old Samoyed escorted by Trish and Darren Monie. Born in Indiana, she arrived in New Orleans during Mardi Gras week 2001. Sickly as a puppy, she came to know Louisiana Veterinary Referral Center very well – so well, her Mom now works there! Kiki resides in Metairie with her 12 yr old brother, Kokomo. She loves riding in the car, listening to country music, dressing up for holidays, eating Frosty Paws, and prefers to eat her meals off of a spoon – especially pink ones! 
Lady in Waiting Cutie Torres is a 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier who resides on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans. Cutie is the sister of Foxy Brown Kravitz and Rocco Torres. She enjoys being groomed and is definitely a proper lady who knows how to get what she wants. She enjoys spending time at the SDT Waste and Debris Offices where she really reigns as Queen. She is being escorted by her mother Earline Torres. 
Scepter Bearer Blondie Matthews is a  3yr old Standard poodle who will be escorted by mom Rae Matthews. Blondie is the elegant and graceful greeter for MIMI, an up-scale women's clothing shop on Magazine Street in New Orleans.  Shoppers love her friendly nature, high intelligence and beautiful apricot coloring! Rescued from the Poodle Patch in northern Louisiana, Blondie won the lottery when she was adopted by Rae, who surrounds her with mountains of love and beautiful accessories.
Maid Mellie Childress is an 8 yr old Boston terrier who resides in Mandeville, LA. She is the beloved daughter of Christine and Shaun Childress who will be escorting her in the parade. The middle child of the family, Mellie learned the fine art of napping from older brother “Patrick” who is of the feline persuasion. Little sister Macie Mae is a Japanese Chin. When not working the social circuit in her fabulous outfits; Mellie enjoys LSU tailgating, visiting her granny & maw maw, playing with her toys, napping, and most importantly meal time.
Duchess Danger Moneyhun is a 10 yr old chi weenie escorted by Sidra Moneyhun, an ardent supporter of the parade. Danger loves the color red, riding in a pick up truck or on a 4-wheeler – and country music of course! Her brother Marshmallow will be accompanying her in the parade.
Special Thanks to our Officers of the Krewe for all their dedication to the organization!