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2010 Canine Court
Celebrity Grand Marshals
Celebrity Mascot
Kriss Fairbairn of WDSU Channel 6 and her 7 year-old Maltese, Rocketreturn as our 2010 Celebrity Grand Marshals. 
In fact, they have been given a permanent crown for their enthusiastic support of the parade and non-profit! Kriss and Rocket will be escorted by Kriss' husband and son, Johnny and Nicholas Fortunato. You know Rocket's dad Col. John Fortunato as the spokesman and familiar face of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office and most recently as Steven Seagal's sidekick on the hit A&E series- Lawman. Rocket's favorite things in the world are: his toy duck, teddy bear, and squirrel. And, don't let his cute little button nose fool you - he's a fluffy white ball of pure guard dog! 

GUMBO, the loveable "Saint" Bernardhas been a fixture of the Saints since the inaugural 1967 season. He went into a mascot hiatus for a few years to learn to walk on two legs and to train for the Saints Football Team - however, when given the ball he stumbled over his own feet too many times. As the players laughed at his flips and tumbles he realized his true calling and returned to the sidelines as the adorable, huggable, and energetic Saints Mascot we all have come to know and love! 
King HRH Sparky Phillips is an 11 yr old German Shephard mix. He is employed as the mascot at Dale’s Auto Repair, the Mandeville business his parents Dale & Nancy Phillips own. There are dawgs and there are dogs. Sparky is a special hound….found nearly dead on the side of the road after begin struck by a car many years ago…he knows how to howl the blues. He's had a number of hits as he regained his health and is proud to have worked his way up the carnival ladder and finally been crowned King! Oh yeah, he earned his name "Sparky" because, not only can he croon with the best of them (eat your heartworm out Snoop Doggy Dog), he can change your spark plugs too. Parade escorts will also include the Phillip's grandchildren, Blaine, Belin and Braxton Manalle. 
Queen HRH Tallulah Jacob is a 5 yr old Yorkshire terrier. She is the beloved daughter of Tim and Paulette Jacob. Tallulah's siblings are her big brother Blue, a lab/chow mix, as well as a Quaker parrot, the infamous Kiwi Tweezerbird.  All terriers cover your eyes, as she is the loving aunt to Clarabelle the cat and three guinea pigs named Willow, Yazmira and ZuZu!  Her favorite pastimes include 4-wheeling with her Dad, beating up squeak toys and modeling for liver treats. She loves to travel and is attuned to the fact that, sadly, there are some establishments that just don't understand the value of canine patrons so 'ya just gotta sneak in'. She is employed as a security guard/monitor of all household activities and is on staff at Camp Bow Wow, Covington.  Quite a busy young lady!  
Grand Duke Sam Daigrepont is 3 yrs old and hails from Ellerslie, GA.  He came to the Daigrepont’s at 6wks and has been in their life ever since.  He is very smart and learns quickly.  Some of his favorite things are eating, fetching ball, taking long walks with the Fabulous NOLA Walking Pack, play groups with the Fabulous NOLA Small Dog Group, napping on a cozy lap, riding in his basket on the front of mom's bike, playing dead and giving High 5.  Sam has a brother who was rescued, named Rukus.  Sam loves having a brother but needed convincing to share his toys.  Sam and Rukus can be seen most days walking in Destrehan for a morning walk with mom and dad, Lisa and Paul who will be escorting him in this year’s parade.
Duke BooBoo Creighton is a Jack Russell Terrier roughly ten years old. He was found as a stray sniffing in the garbage cans along Williams Blvd. in Kenner. He travels a lot and was on the steps of the Florida Supreme Court being photographed by the media helping count chads during the Bush/Gore presidential recounts.  His favorite photographs are one he got taken with the Saints Sensations Cheerleaders and one with George Rodrigue who he tried to convince to paint a series of "white dog" paintings. He also has pictures with Kriss Fairbairn the past grand marshal of Mardi Paws and his friends Zephyr's mascots Boo Boudreaux and Clotile. He has two sisters Tiffy and Straybe and can be found at many Mardi Gras parades in his pajamas since he always ready for a nap.
Lady in Waiting Sophieis an 8 year old Golden Retriever who is the niece of the Mardi Paws 2006 King Sage.  Lady Sophie, is a happy member of the Good Dog Naturally Krewe and affectionately nicknamed “Little Moose”, who believes she is 70 lb lap dog.  Lady Sophie is one of four Golden Retrievers owned by Angela Sagona and Colleen McAuliffe, owners of Good Dog Naturally in Covington, proud sponsors of the Mardi Paws parade.  Lady Sophie, King Sage and Lady Savannah are proudly displayed in the store’s logo.  Miss Penny, who was rescued on her way to a kill facility by Colleen and Angela, joined the Good Dog Krewe 4 years ago.  Lady Sophie will be escorted along the parade route by Colleen McAuliffe
Scepter bearer to her majesty Delilah Ryan will be escorted by Jimi, Kathy, Carson, Fischer and Lulu Ryan. Delilah Ryan is an 11 month old Yorkshire Terrier who resides in Mandeville. Delilah loves to travel having spent her first summer in East Hampton, N.Y.. She can be a bit of a tomboy when playing with her Golden Retriever Sister "Lulu" however, she loves playing dress up in her fabulous outfits from Zorro's. Delilah is being escorted by her family, Jimi, Kathy, Carson and Fischer Ryan, and her canine sister Lulu.
Maid Bella Creechgoes simply by Bella. She is a beautiful blue 6 year old retired racing greyhound who was adopted through Greyhound Pets of America, La/Ms Chapter. Bella is a sweet, shy girl who is happiest when near her Mom.  She spends most days with her canine siblings and Mom, Rachael Creech, and Dad, Stephen Creech, at their store, Adventure Pets, in Mandeville. She likes to visit with the customers but is happiest relaxing on her bed in Mom’s office. Bella has 4 canine siblings: a sister retired racing greyhound, Shiloh, and 3 Chihuahuas, Bandit (the apple of his Daddy’s eye), Gizmo and Chi Chi Louise, and 2 human brothers, Taylor and Barrett Creech. Bella’s favorite hobbies are lounging and occasional very fast, but brief runs with her younger and sillier greyhound sister, Shiloh. She also likes visiting with other greyhounds who come visit at the store during adoption events. Bella recommends that humans looking for a canine companion learn about adopting greyhounds through one of the local groups: Greyhound Pets of America, La/Ms Chapter or It’s a Grey Area Greyhound Adoptions.  Ask Bella for info at Adventure Pets. Bella will be escorted by sister greyhound, Shiloh, and her Mom and Dad, Rachael and Stephen Creech.
Maid Jazz Onstad will be escorted by Stephanie Herrera and Erin Onstad. Jazz Dancer is a 5 yr old female Maltese. She loves dressing up and receiving adoration from her human friends. During the week she is employed as the referee of the doggie daycare at Ponga's Pet Palace. On the weekends, she enjoys sleeping and playing with her Sheltie sister, Belle. Jazz Dancer encourages everyone to have an evacuation plan for their pets in the event of an emergency. As she had been an abandoned pup during Hurricane Katrina, but through a miracle found her loving family that she now lives with.