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Kriss Fairbairn of WDSU Channel 6 and her 
6 year-old Maltese, Rocket, return as our 
2009 Celebrity Grand Marshals. 

In fact, they have been given a permanent crown for their enthusiastic support of the parade and non-profit! Kriss and Rocket will be escorted by Kriss' husband and son, Johnny and Nicholas Fortunato. You know Rocket's dad Col. John Fortunato as the spokesman and familiar face of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. Rocket's favorite things in the world are: his toy duck, teddy bear, and squirrel. He loves long walks in the neighborhood, joining the family for a swim in the pool on his favorite raft, and showing off his tricks for yummy snacks! And, don't let his cute little button nose fool you - he's a fluffy white ball of pure guard dog! 

2009 Canine Court
2009 Royal Hairs

King Bear is a 6 yr old Pomeranian who will be escorted by his parents, Laura and John Sampson, and their son Cody. 

Sparky “D” Grand Duke, is an 11 yr old German Shephard mix who will be escorted by his owners Dale & Nancy Phillips, and their grandchildren, Blaine, Belin and Braxton Manalle.

Duke Sharky is an 2 yr old English Bulldog escorted by his parents MaryAnne and Ken Purcell, as well as his siblings, Cash and Nola Blue, who is also reigning as a princess in this year’s parade.
Scepter bearer to his majesty, Markois a 6 yr old Pomeranian, who will be escorted by parents Sonja and Ryan Ray.

Queen Beyonce is a 5 year old Chihuahua/Daschund mix who will be escorted by parents Liz and Curt Sprang, and her siblings.

Lady In WaitingParis, a 3 yr old Pomeranian will be escorted by Brenda Mattern and Candace Downer.

Maid Sophia is a 2 yr old toy apricot poodle who will be escorted by mom Rosaly Seippel and sister Caitlyn Cottrell.

Maid Maggie May is a 2 yr old Southern Bred pug escorted by mom, Michele Nazar, and Tracy Bridges.

Scepter bearer to her majesty Chuy is an 11 yr old, 15 lb. Pekingese mix who will be escorted by parents Trina and Ted Pullig.