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2007 Royal Hairs
2007 Royal Hairs

2007 King, HRH Collin Stroup is a 5yr old Swiss Mountain Dog mix. Born in humble surroundings, he stumbled into the Stroup family's lineage after his mom, veterinarian Shannon, saved his life and was coerced into adopting him. When he isn't presiding over his pushover mistress and two cats, or lounging on his king-size bed, he loves to go on leisurely walks to take in the smells and sounds and enthusiastically greet his subjects. His favorite delicacies are left-over cereal and donkey manure. He likes to spend time wrestling with his girlfriend, former Mardi Paws Queen Rosie Stroup, and her brother, HRH King Harry Stroup
2007 Queen, HRH Toni Sampson is a happy-go-lucky little Shih Tzu who resides in Metairie, Louisiana with her dad, Radio Disney's Jared Sampson. She was born on March 13, 2006 and is the youngest of seven. Toni is the daughter of Casey and Tiny Burke of New Orleans, Louisiana. Her favorite pastimes include watching television, chewing everything except chew toys and sleeping. Toni enjoys long walks and visiting with her parents and her older brother Grizzly who also resides in Metairie, Louisiana. Toni's favorite Disney movie is a toss up between Lady and the Tramp and The Shaggy Dog, who she has a huge crush on. She likes to dance and naturally her favorite song is "Who Let the Dogs Out."
Grand Duke Coco is a 5-year old "designer dog" made from Silky and Yorkie terriers. His favorite color is Red; his favorite food is Cheese and his favorite pastime is going on vacation with his family on Trail Rides. Coco has two siblings, Missy and Elsa, who will accompany him along with Mom Kathy Tujague on parade day.
Duke Reeseborn "Mr. Reese Presley", is a 3 year old red & rust Doberman pinscher. He is currently owned by Dana and Guy Unger of Folsom because his first two owners were deployed to Iraq. Reese very quickly made himself at home with his new family- a red female Doberman, Ruby, a Shih Tzu, Mackenzie and two Persian cats. The other dogs are playmates, but the cats are still a challenge. His favorite hobbies are tearing up stuffed dog toys and sleeping in the bed with his head on the pillow. Reese is a very athletic, smart dog who hopes to start agility training soon.
Lady-in-waiting Maggie was born in New Orleans of pure Welsh heritage. Nick-named Maggie, this Welch terrier has embraced the moniker, The Iron Lady. Often venturing independently from the circle of her litter early-on, she showed gravitation toward the royal robes by her lead away from the norm. With her parents as long-standing parade supporters, it was just a matter of time before Maggie climbed her way up the royal ladder, although she hopes to soon see the day where she will reign as queen. Maggie will be escorted by her mom Becky Vest, and announced by Master of Ceremonies, Alan Avdoyan.
Maid Phoebe Serpas is an 11 month old long-hair Chihuahua. She lives in Mandeville along with her parents, Melissa & Christian Serpas and her two lovely, feline sisters, Priscilla & Presley. Phoebe loves attending the Mandeville Farmers Market, where she enjoys sniffing the Azalea bushes, prancing in the fashion show, and buying new outfits from Miss Joy. She is an avid Seinfeld viewer and her favorite treats are sweet potato chips. Phoebe is excited to be celebrating her first Mardi gras costuming as Disney's Snow White.
Page To His Majesty Joey will be stepping high in his first Mardi Paws parade. This 10 month old Yorkshire terrier enjoys going for long walks on country roads with his extended family and fiancée "Phoebe", who will be escorting him in the parade. His hobbies include 
 watching songbirds and wildlife in his adopted hometown of Picayune, Mississippi. Described as his owner's, Charlene Imbraguglio's "ray of sunshine", make sure you come out to see this Prince Charming's lively personality.
Scepter Bearer For Her Majesty Zeus Ella Jonesnickname "Zeus" is a six month old mix - half Chihuahua and half Jack Russell. She is a petite lady with brown and black ears on a white body. Zeus' favorite activities are playing with her 
friend Shadow (a grey cat) and her family. Zeus will be escorted by her biological brother "Ranger", and her adopted family Alexi Jones, Brad Jones, and Shane Jones. The energetic Zeus keeps the family laughing, loves to go for walks and loves to be held. Her favorite snack is pup-peroni. The Jones Family will visit Disney World to prepare for their day in the limelight!