2006 Royal Hairs

H.R.H. King Sage, born “Overlooks Sky High ‘N Happy”, is a 6 year old Golden Retriever, whose father, CH Malagold Storm Warning, was a best in breed winner in 1998 at Westminster. King Sage participated in the show ring as a puppy and won a number of ribbons of his own before retiring. King Sage, who is owned by Angela Sagona and Colleen McAuliffe, owners of Good Dog Naturally in Covington, resides in Mandeville with his niece, Lady Savannah and her half sister, Lady Sophie. The royal family members are proudly displayed in the store's logo and love to meet and greet customers and pet pals. King Sage, who is also a trained hospital therapy dog, will be attended at the parade by Lady Savannah and Lady Sophie and escorted along the parade route by Colleen McAuliffe. 

H.R.H. Queen Lucille's full name is Sweet Lucille Ann. She was born in Sorrento, Louisiana on January 22, 2005. She is a white with brown Chihuahua and is very affectionate. Lucille's nickname is LuLu and her pet project for community service is visiting seniors at nursing homes. Lucille loves people, the Jack Russells she lives with, cheese, and dressing up. Her favorite pastimes are shredding Kleenex and chewing Barbie shoes and naturally King Cake babies (She has already chewed 3 this Mardi Gras season). She is well traveled for a year of age-Gulf Shores, Georgia mountains, and Birmingham. In addition to the 2 Jack Russells, Lucille shares her home with 3 cats,2 parrots, and 4 humans (Becky, Skip, Emily and Hillary Bohm) that she expects to tend to her EVERY need. 
Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee will serve as the Celebrity Grand Marshal for this year's parade celebrating the Chinese Zodiac's "Year of the Dog" . When Lee visited the People's Republic of China as a member of the Boggs/Ford delegation in 1972, he was the first American of Chinese Ancestry to be officially invited to the area since 1959. Lee will be throwing Chinese fortune cookies among his throws, and will be accompanied by his grandchildren and their Chinese pug named Satchmo. 
Grand Duke Otis Trexler is an 8 month old Chinese Pug. This exceptionally animated bundle of energy belongs to Matt , Jennifer and Austin (Brooks) Trexler of Slidell, Louisiana. Otis lives with 2 other dogs ( Riley and Buddy) and a cat (Prissy). When not chasing squirrels, Otis enjoys chewing on Riley's tail and terrorizing the cat. His favorite snacks are pigs ears and anything that doesn't eat him first. This vigorous little fella truly is like none other. 
Lady in Waiting Maggie was born in New Orleans of pure Welsh heritage, MoreGrit-ThatSure (Margaret Thatcher).Nick-named Maggie, this Welch terrier has embraced the moniker, The Iron Lady. Often venturing independently from the circle of her litter early-on, she showed gravitation toward the royal robes by her lead away from the norm. With her parents as long-standing parade supporters, it was just a matter of time before Maggie climbed her way up the royal ladder. Maggie will be escorted by her mom Becky Vest, and announced by Master of Ceremonies, Alan Avdoyan. 

Duke Samson is a four year old basset hound whose name is in homage to Rick Samson, (fellow 4 Unplugged bandmate of owners Ricky and Jan Windhorst) due to his laid back, good natured disposition. Although Samson attended finishing school, he cannot report the stellar performance of sister Trixie, as his father, Ricky,rewarded him with treats simply for laying there and looking pitifully cute. The lesson, however, was obviously well-learned as Samson continues to practice and sharpen those skills daily. The family tradition of singing is carried on by both Samson and Trixie as spontaneous eruptions of their mournful strains can be heard emanating from their Madisonville abode all too often. 
Maid Trixie is a four year old basset hound of pure lineage although never officially registered because she ate her paperwork before it could be filed. She was born in Mississippi but considers herself a Louisiana girl. Trixie’s proud parents are Jan and Richard E. Windhorst III of Madisonville, LA. Trixie attended the prestigious Julie Hill Finishing School where she graduated valelicktorian and was promoted to pursue graduate courses in agility. Trixie is proud of the strides she made in furthering diversity and literally “lowering the bar” in the traditionally long-legged, speed-oriented sport. Trixie continues to break social barriers through her line of custom greeting cards as she sets the example for self-conscious canines everywhere that it is acceptable for dogs to wear clothes – as long as equitable treat compensation is received, of course. 
2006 Royal Hairs