2005 Royal Hairs
2005 Canine Court

2005 Mardi Paws King, H.R.H. Dudley Pella
Dudley has worked his way up the ranks in the extremely secretive Mardi Paws organization. Having been a costume winner from every Mardi Paws he participated in, it was quite apparent he had the making for King one day. An alumnus of the Boxer Rescue of New Orleans, Five-year old Dudley is a locally recognized piscatologist, an accomplished swimmer, and an exuberant participant in frequent games of chase-the-ball. "No danger of this boxer biting off your ear," says his mother, Stephanie Pella. Dudley is an all around "bone ami." 
King Dudley’s regal regalia, a tribute to Rex, consists of a tunic-style costume of metallic gold with fringed epaulettes. Gold sequins trim the peplum and shoulders; the ensemble is set off with a jabot of English lace. King Dudley wears a cape of gold lame outlined in golden braid and ermine; it features gold cording appliqués accented with faceted stones. A traditional crown of faceted jewels against a background of gold lame and sequin-encrusted scepter completes his attire. The award-winning canine couture is an original and exclusive design. 

Page to His Majesty "Harry" Bohma rough coated Jack Russell terrier was born March 22, 2003, at Huntington Kennels in Covington. Although Harry didn't graduate at the top of his "Puppy School" class, he was voted most congenial. He lives with "Princess Jasmine" who is also in the coveted court, and they team up with Sarah, an old Golden Retriever. Favorite pastimes are chasing the cats and chewing on sister's Emily and Hilary's toys. 
Scepter Bearer to Her Majesty Princess Jasmine "Jazzy" Ann Bohm is a 3 year-old Jack Russell terrier hailing from Canton, Georgia. Jazzy's favorite pastime is chewing all the hair off her sister's tail. Jazzy lives with another dog, three cats, two sisters, Emily and Hilary, and has veterinarians, Becky and Skip Bohm, as parents.
Duke Willy Garvey is a tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He was born at River Oak Kennels in Bellville, Texas, on February 27, 2002. Willy lives in Covington and his favorite pastime is attending the Covington Farmers’ Market. He loves the attention he gets especially from the children. Willy is a graduate of both Basic and Advanced Training at Petsmart under the supervision of Catherine Holtzman and has successfully completed the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Test. 
Sammy Garvey is Willy’s new friend and also a tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He was born at Lovejoy Cavalier Kennels in Spring, Texas, on September 24, 2004. Sammy now accompanies Willy to the Covington Farmers’ Market and has adjusted well to all his new surroundings. Sammy has just started his first Puppy Class at Petsmart and is doing quite well with the his commands. Willy has been very instrumental in Sammy’s training. These 2005 dukes will be escorted by their proud parents, Chuck and Cathy Garvey. 
Duke Rusty Noonan is a Blenheim (brown and white) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Rusty was born at River Oak Kennels in Bellville, Texas on April 18, 2002 and he now lives in Abita Springs. Rusty is Willy’s best friend and like Willy, he has been trained at Petsmart and also achieved AKC Good Citizen status. Rusty is the constant and loyal companion of his owner Mary Lou Noonan who is Cathy Garvey’s mother. 
The maids for Her Royal Highness Peaches are all Scotties and sisters; Ellie Rose, Cinnamon and Petra Parsons. Ellie Rose is named after Eleanor Roosevelt who always had a Scottie in the White House; Cinnamon got her name from her wheaten color, and Petra is one of the few remaining 1996 Krewe members still parading. Escorting the girls will be their mom, Marilyn