2004 Royal Hairs
2004 Royal Hairs 

"Gizmo" Priceescorted by his father, Mayor Edward J. Price III, was brought back by demand of the canines and felines in Mandeville as Celebrity Grand Marshal of the 2004 parade. Gizmo exemplifies a new breed of leadership and was responsible for acquiring the new den (Mandeville Fire Station) and play area (Trailhead) for the krewe. Never one to show favoritism, he consistently plays with cats and dogs alike. 

King H.R.H. "Dylan" Boyd is no stranger to the limelight. As brother to Queen Jodi, Mardi Paws 1999, this five-year Golden Retriever/Labrador mix has been reared to appreciate monarch protocol. H.R.H. has been practicing the lakefront route for over three years since having been put in line for the thrown as Grand Duke 2001. King "Dylan" will be escorted by his father, Richard Boyd. 
Grand Duke "Dudley" Pella is a costume winner from Mardi Paws 2003 and an alumnus of the Boxer Rescue of New Orleans. Three-year old Dudley is a locally recognized piscatologist, an accomplished swimmer, and an exuberant participant in frequent games of chase-the-ball. "No danger of this boxer biting off your ear," says his mother, Stephanie. Dudley is an all around "bone ami." 
Duke "Boudreaux" Mauterer, Ch. Ivywood Ainsley the Big Easy, is a 4-yr. Old English cocker spaniel who has finished his championship at the prestigious Bucks County Shows in New Jersey. This local boy made good prefers the color red, only eats Red Barn fresh dog food, and is joined in the court this year by his sister, Maid Winnie Mauterer. 
Page to His Majesty "Harry" Bohma rough coated Jack Russell terrier was born March 22, 2003, at Huntington Kennels in Covington. Although Harry didn't graduate at the top of his "Puppy School" class, he was voted most congenial. He lives with "Maid Jasmine" who is also in the coveted court, and they team up on Sarah an old Golden retriever. Favorite pastimes are chasing the cats and chewing on sister's Emily and Hilary's toys. 
Queen H.R.H. "Rosy" Stroup is a 3-year-old black Lab mix who adopted the Stroups in August, 2001. The Stroups always have had high hopes of her claiming the coveted title of Queen one day. Mom Sheila realized this plus-size beauty needed just a tad more grooming to win over the krewe's officers, so she has had the Royal Veterinarian next door, Dr. Barry Ward, oversee her low-carb diet and hot mud beauty treatments. 
Rosy loves children, foraging in the hills around the Stroup family compound and sleeping on the couch. Her brothers include past Mardi Paws Monarchs, H.R.H "Harry", 2002 and H.R.H. "Sunny", 1997. 

Scepter Bearer to Her Majesty "Matilda" WardQueen Rosy's neighbor and play pal, is a precious white Westie owned by the Royal Vet, Dr. Barry Ward and his wife Lynette. Having helped oversee Rosy's new look, "Matilda" will accompany H.R.H. on the prestigious walk to make sure she stays in line with the cookie bearing crowd of onlookers. 
Lady in waiting" Winnie" Mauterer's full name is Ch. Ainsley's Blue By You. She is an English Cocker Spaniel who will be 9 in May. Originally from Pennsylvania, she enjoys traveling to dog shows all over the country. Her main hobby is agility and purple is her favorite color. She lives with six brothers and sisters and has veterinarians, Drs. Deborah and John Mauterer, as parents. 
Maid Princess Jasmine "Jazzy" Ann Bohm is a 3 year-old Jack Russell terrier hailing from Canton, Georgia. Jazzy's favorite pastime is chewing all the hair off her sister's tail.Jazzy lives with another dog, three cats, two sisters, Emily and Hilary, and has veterinarians, Becky and Skip Bohm, as parents.