2001 Royal Hairs
His Royal Majesty King "Harry" Stroup The five year-old purebred Louisiana Hound was born to the purple, green and gold. Despite his family's legacy, Stroup knew better than to count on Carnival's highest honor. "I've tried not to think about this moment too much", barked Stroup, "for fear that it might not come true." Though lineage doesn't hurt - Harry's brother and sister, Sunny & Gladys, reigned as Monarchs in 1996 - reigning as King of Mardi Paws is regarded as recognition for public service, and Harry's mom, Sheila, certainly does her part. 
Grand Duke "Dylan" Boyd is no stranger to the limelight as well. As brother to Queen Jodi, Mardi Paws 1999, this two-year Golden Retriever/Labrador mix has been reared to appreciate monarch protocol, and if for any reason, King Harry, is unable to live up to his commitment, Dylan must be able to jump up to the table. Dylan's father, Richard, has shown unflagging commitment to the krewe, and is working on a book titled, "Pawing through Mandeville: A Stop and Sniff Guide to the Mystic Krewe of Mardi Paws". 
Duke "Nicholas" Verges is a one-year old blond Golden Retriever. Hailing from pure pedigree at Huntington Farms, if it's true that the dog is man's best friend, then Nicholas may well be man's very best friend. His love of people, especially children, made the selection as duke an easy one for the officers of the krewe. Although it didn't hurt that mom, Donna, is an ardent supporter of Have a Heart thru Art. 
Page to His Majesty "Bosco" Berning, is a Yorkshire terrier whose coat-of-arms displays motifs of the intelligent and spirited dog that he is. The black and tan bundle of hair thinks he's the mane attraction, and hates being left behind. Bosco, escorted by his brother Andrew, will be clad in a purple silk velvet costume and will be on hand for any last minute requests King Harry may have.
Queen "Sweet" Farris, will wear the crown that commands all the attention. Toute de Sweet, who will make her debut when she turns fifteen this April, upholds the long-standing tradition that the queen be a debutante and a community servant. Sweet's mom, Meg, has taught her to bone up on local matters and play an active role in the community she calls home. Since pedigree also comes in to play for the selection, the officers initially questioned this beauty who looks like a mix between a schnauzer and black lab. Sweet's mom was quick to point out that expensive medical miracles explained for her appearance. 
Lady-In-Waiting "Cissy" Lamarqueis a fourteen year-old cock-a-poo, whose debut is still talked about in the social circles. Resplendent in her favorite color fuchsia, Cissy donned the diamond and ruby encrusted tiara for the presentation of the court. Cissy won the talent competition hands down, singing a duet with her talented mom, Maria. Besides driving in the latest luxury automobile, Cissy's favorite pastime is getting treats and trinkets from her dad. 
Princess to Her Majesty "Annie" Farriswill serve as personal attendant to her sister "Sweet" on her momentous occasion. "Little Orphan Annie" as she is affectionately called, is a thirteen year-old Louisiana Catahoula according to her mom, Meg (although some may disagree). Annie and her sister will start primping around 6:00am after a breakfast of biscuits and grillades, and the beauty treatments will continue up until they take to the streets around 11:00am. 
Maids "Taffy" and "Be'be" Copeland are pedigreed salt and pepper miniature schnauzers. Be'be' d Arnoult Copeland hails from a long and distinguished bloodline, and although Fraulein Taffeta Von Steen Copeland's name suggests the same, her past is actually a little sketchy. Their coat of arms reflects the breed's Germanic origin and the more recent Popeye's influence. t.