2000 Royal Hairs
2000 Royal Hairs


Canine Court Causes Fur to Fly!

Excitement was in the air as The Mystic Krewe of Mardi Paws proclaimed their court recently during their tableau at the Mandeville Fire Station. Once able to gather around their favorite fire hydrant on Lamarque Street, this krewe has grown by leaps and bounds, and thus had to relocate their den to the more spacious, and well-appointed, fire station. 

His Royal Highness, King "Bahji" Owens
will take his bow on the streets accompanied by his mom, legendary French Quarter entertainer, Chris Owens, and Mark Davison. Resplendent in an emerald green robe and ruby encrusted crown, Bahji's reign on Lundi Gras will be just another day on parade. Hailing from a long line of Bourbons' (Bourbon Street, that is), Bahji, feels right at home with all the attention, and promises to deliver quite a show for all the crowds. 
Her Royal Majesty, Queen "Sally" Sands
reigned over the presentation, resplendent in a purple lame gown and bone-encrusted tiara. As Vice President of Toland Industries, and a member of the American Kennel Club, she feels right at home with her responsibilities of presiding over the pack. Always a staunch and generous supporter of animal rights in the parish, Sally views the crown as just another way to promote "equal rights" for canines and felines alike. 
Lady-in-waiting, Miss "Katie" Grunfeldis a friendly and furry pet fashion photographer whose work appears regularly in the local paper. A big fan of designers like DK-9NY, Puppy Ellis and Pucchi, Katie is waiting for her day to work with such national magazines as Dogue or Cosmopawlitan. Until then, she plans to spend her dog days relaxing at her new home on the Bogue Falaya, preparing for her reign over the parade one day. 

Scepter bearer to her majesty, "Dixie" Carpenter had a cheering section at last year's parade proclaiming her to be hair to the throne. Unfortunately, over the past year, officials could still not determine which breed lays claim to Miss Dixie's lineage, and thus the prestigious carnival queenship still eludes this 13-year old adorable lady. Dixie's mom, Kay Carpenter, says that she feels like Erica Kane being passed over once again. 

Maid "Beauxjolais" Kirtland is a French Cajun bundle of joy. She's a full bred Weimaraner, which in German means huge, hyper, wanna-be lap dog. An avid bird watcher (and occasional catcher), Beauxjolais bought The Wild Bird Center in Covington two years ago to be closer to her favorite feathered friends. As a well cultured French belle, Beauxjolais demanded that her attendant, Monet, accompany her if she accepted this honor. 

Attendant to Beauxjolais, Miss "Monet" Kirtland, is a bilingual expert on French impressionist art and a heck of a good squirrel chaser herself. A mature mademoiselle well skilled in the etiquette and finesse of high society, Monet makes the perfect handmaid to Beauxjolais' slapdash, youthful exuberance. 

2000 Grand Marshall "Gizmo" Price was brought back by demand of the canines and felines in Mandeville. Gizmo exemplifies a new breed of leadership and Mayor Edward J. Price III will once again be escorting him. Gizmo was responsible for acquiring the new den (Mandeville Fire Station) and a new play area (Trailhead) for the Krewe. Never one to show favoritism, he consistently plays with cats and dogs alike. 

Grand Duke "Harry" Stroup remains in line for the throne, being passed over this year in the name of parade attendance for the charity. Being the generous sportsman that he is (or at least that his mom makes him be), he agreed to pass up the crown this year and allow a bone fide celebrity, who'll arrive via limo, to receive the attention. 

Duke "Dudley" Cressy hails from Mandeville. Make no bones about it, Dudley Cressy is hardly sheepish when it comes to his law profession. As Mandeville City Attorney, this hirsute hound shows dogged determination. Might this prosecuting pup have his fur-covered eye on loftier positions, perhaps even his day as Shaggy DA? Dudley says not likely. Enforcing the Mandeville dogma suits him fine.