1999 Canine Court
King and Queen of The Mystic Krewe of Mardi Paws Announced!
The fur was flying when the proclamation was delivered recently announcing the 1999 King and Queen of The Mystic Krewe of Mardi Paws. Keeping with the long-standing tradition shown by Rex, the king is a prominent society figure, and the queen is a debutante. Their Royal Majesties, King "Kramer" Henderson and Queen "Jodi" Boyd were introduced to their court at a recent photo shoot, and were greeted with enthusiastic barks. The coronation will be officiated at the Hair of the Dog Party at the Mandeville Mardi Paws Celebration on February 15th, 1999. 

His Royal Highness, King Cosmo "Kramer" Henderson 
I, will be escorted by Jim and Stump Henderson. Flashing a winning smile and a swishing tail, it's obvious why this one year old cocker spaniel expects and receives royal treatment from his many admirers. Although his pedigree is extensive, Kramer has become well known in his country club environment for honoring A+ pooches (dogs who are smart enough to let their owners think they're in command) and for being a good sport while chasing the neighbor's cats. 

Her Royal Highness, Queen "Jodi" Boyd 
will be escorted by Richard Boyd. This five year old long haired tri-color Border Collie exudes Play-Dead Glamour, but this was not always the case. Although the details are vague, it is believed that Jodi was born near Abita Springs and there were early indications that she might have been abused as a puppy. She was rescued as a youngster and was being hidden in a no-pets-allowed apartment until Ezra Boyd adopted her. It was under his loving attention that she blossomed into the beauty she is today. Since Ezra has been at the University of Chicago, Jodi has lived near the Mandeville Lakefront with Ezra's father for the past three years. 
The 1999 court is comprised of: 

Maid "Dixie" Carpenter
Dixie's owner could not have said it better when describing her pedigree to us recently. "No one breed can lay claim to this twelve year old adorable lady", bragged Kay Carpenter, Dixie's escort for the 1999 season. Although Dixie's lineage would normally disqualify her for any position in the court, it just so happens that this lucky lady is a friend of the king, so protocol was pushed to the side for 1999. 

Maid "Tiffany" Pace
This four year old Yorkshire Terrier sets high standards for its people. Accustomed to preferential treatment, Tiffany never tires of being pampered, and she realizes that being "well-dressed" means more than a quick flick of the brush and donning a rhinestone collar. Tiffany will be escorted by her sister, Morgan Pace. 

Lady-in-waiting "Sally" Sands
This dynamic mover and shaker in the design industry has jumped up the corporate ladder to become the vice-president of Toland Industries. As a working dog, Sally has come to value her free time as more precious than before, thus weekends are devoted to discovering new territories and chasing new neighbors. This three year old golden Labrador retriever will be escorted by the President of Toland Industries, Dave Sands. 

Grand Duke "Harry" Stroup
Hair to the throne, this three year old "coyoodle" comes from a very looong and distinguished line of strays. His spotted tongue allows his lineage to be traced back to some of the first dogs of Abita Springs. Harry is accustomed to being around royalty, as he shares a country home with a past king of the original Krewe of Bocage, King "Sunny". If only his owner, Sheila Stroup, realized that all Kings have horses (not donkeys), Harry may have been asked to wear the crown a little sooner. 

Duke "Vector" Shephard
This eight year old royal is a breed all to his own. Descending from the great hounds and Labradors of Gretna, Vector had a wild hair at an early age and ended up with an arrow in his neck during a feud . Rescued by a passing cabbie and taken to the SPCA, Vector was soon adopted by Carolyn Shephard. Unbeknownst to Vector, his wild days would soon be over, as Carolyn's hobbies included training sea lions and correcting bad dog behavior. Vector now spends his days at The Developing Canine Dog Obedience school and dreams of the days when his owner is out of town. 

Jr. Duke "Zoë " Roy
This two and a half year old Chinese Pug is hair to the Piggly Wiggly Grocery empire. Named in memory of a deceased female family member, Zoë had problems early on with his identity, but quickly overcame it in a few sessions of pet therapy at Animal Care Hospital. This Jr. Duke who grabs life by the tail will be escorted by his family member who named him, Austin Roy. 

1999 Grand Marshall "Gizmo" Price
His Honorable "Gizmo" exemplifies a new breed of leadership in our community. He won the support of Mandeville's felines and canines with crowd-pleasing slogans like "Din-din in every dish and a litter box on every corner". As 1999 Parade Grand Marshall, he will be escorted by Edward J. Price III . When he is not making the rounds at city hall's fire hydrants, he loves to spend time with his cat, and the neighbor's dog, Oliver. Poultry is his favorite food, and rumor has it, for the small price of a turkey bone, Gizmo has the ear of the Mayor of Mandeville.