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Sunday, March 1, 2020   Parade rolls at 2pm 
Registration 12:30pm
Please join us as we take a giant leap for Dog-kind and move to a new town for our 26th year!​​​

The theme of the 2020 parade is Beyond all Boundaries... celebrating the limitless exploration of sea, air and space. Participants are encouraged to come dressed as everything from mermaids to astronauts.  ​​​

The theme was selected months ago, but it seems like the perfect choice for the year when the parade breaks out of its boundaries and takes a bold step in a new direction. 
PUP NOW- $25
Proving that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks, the Krewe of Mardi Paws is pleased to announce that after 25 years of celebrating Mardi Gras in the town of Mandeville, Louisiana, in 2020 this famed Super Krewe for K9's will move about 10 miles north, to the neighboring town of Covington. ​​

We’ve had our eye on Covington for a few years now, watching with interest as their Mardi Gras festivities grew in popularity and attendance. The City of Covington is a charming Southern community nestled among three rivers. An eclectic mix of boutiques, art galleries, specialty shops and restaurants line the downtown streets.​ Come see for yourself, we know you'll fall in love with the town!​
The charming town town appealed to us for a lot of reasons, but speaking strictly from a logistical perspective, Downtown Covington is going to be an excellent place for our parade to roll with more parking and less walking for everyone!​

Participants will be able to park very close to the registration area! The downtown route will be a loop and bring participants to parade's end at the Trailhead for Post-parade fun, and very close to where they have parked. Sponsors will love the easy access to their booths, as well as nearby parking!
Join Ian Somerhalder, one of Hollywood’s hottest actors and ardent animal lovers, as he leads the paw-rade through the charming streets of his hometown, Covington, Louisiana. Mardi Paws is MOVING to Covington on March 1. Stay tuned for lots of exciting announcements.
2020 Theme Beyond all Boundaries

What's the big deal- do you have to costume around the theme?
Each year the krewe picks a theme for the parade, and the costuming and floats reflect those themes. Most Mardi Gras parades do not have a costume contest, but MARDI PAWS does! It's FREE to enter, but you and your pup must be celebrating that year's theme to be eligible to win the coveted "poop" trophy along with lots of other PAW-some prizes! But don't worry, ANY costumes are welcome and encouraged!​​​

The theme of the 2020 parade is Beyond All Boundaries: Exploring Sea, Air & Space, celebrating the limitless exploration both above and below. Is your pooch more of a Sub-WOOFER or PUG-marine?

Competition for the best floats is friendly but fierce, check out all the details on our Costume Contest page.
The 2020 Mardi Paws parade will honor the memory of a longtime supporter and friend, Jonathan Serigne.

Jonathan passed away on October 4th, 2019 after a battle with stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma.

Jonathan and his wife Randi Rousseau have been ardent supporters of our Mardi Paws parade fundraiser each year! Randi has held the mic and Jonathan the dogs and babies, and everyone that knew and loved him has been grief-stricken with his passing at such a young age. Please keep his wife and family in your thoughts and prayers.

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